1 in 9 People Worldwide do not have Access to Clean Drinking Water.

Let's Change That

Who We Are

AquaAid International works with community partners to design and implement culturally appropriate, result bearing, and cost-effective water and sanitation projects.

Our mission is simple: clean water for everyone, no exceptions.


Our Story

It all started when Sophie and Simon worked on a yacht that set anchor off the coast of Bahia Honda, Panama. Sophie and Simon met a single father with two little girls looking to trade coconuts for fishing hooks. Previously, the girls were not able to attend school because it took them almost a day’s travel to another island to get clean drinking water. After a new pipeline supplying clean drinking water was constructed, the girls were free to attend school for the first time. They were delighted to be future students even though they only had one pencil between them. Sophie was impacted by this event and returned to the US to read all she could about water, sanitation, and the environment.


AquaAid Begins

Simon tells Sophie about the village of Karahola, Nicaragua where his family lives that still does not have access to clean drinking water. In Nicaragua, Simon and Sophie established a field team and began collaborating with the local water and sanitation committee to design the most appropriate water project.

Our Projects

AquaAid believes no two communities are the same, therefore no two water and sanitation projects should be the same. There is no one size fits all development solution. Each project is designed alongside the community to address community specific water and sanitation goals. All projects include a comprehensive education program to provide the community and children with basic knowledge of water and sanitation. Young rural populations are the focus of AquaAid's education program, as a result of their potential within their community and country. In Karahola, Nicaragua to implement the concepts of basic sanitation AquaAid developed a primary school curriculum to teach concepts of hand-washing, safe hygiene practices, the importance of clean drinking water, and water in the environment. To engage the children we designed water and sanitation coloring books, sing hand-washing songs, and play a variety of games such as modified duck-duck goose with glitter on the student’s hands to demonstrate disease transmission.


AquaAid Grows

Projects 2014-2016

Nicaragua, Vanuatu, Namibia

800+ people with sustainable access to clean drinking water
600+ kids taught about water, sanitation, and the environment

Upcoming Projects 2020


1 Boat. 3 Oceans. 5 Water Projects.

Visit www.sophiehollingsworth.com

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AquaAid is working toward a future where everyone has access to clean water and basic sanitation. Join us!

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100% Model

We made an audacious promise to the general public, 100% of our public donations go directly to fund water and sanitation projects.

$10.00 = 2 Coloring Books
$50.00 = 1 Filter
$250.00 = 1 Latrine

AquaAid is a 501(c)(3)


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Our Team

Sophie holds a Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Global Public Health from New York University, is a Fulbright Scholar, and is a currently pursuing a Master of Health Security at the University of Sydney, Australia. Sophie loves all things water: whether helping to bring those in need clean drinking water, sailing, diving, or studying water resources, she is a water girl. As the Founder and Director of Operations Sophie oversees all aspects of AquaAid International in the USA and in remote communities around the world.

From Juigapla, Nicaragua, Simon spent the majority of his life working on farms throughout Nicaragua. Simon works closely between the field and the USA staff to collaborate on basic sanitation education curriculum and water implementation logistics. As proud father of five children Simon strives to provide his children and the children of Nicaragua a brighter future.

Christopher Lumbi Gutiérrez Water Specialist

The Gonzales Mareneco Family Project Manager's

Daysi Gudiel Espinoza Education Program Advisor

Sydney Eberwein

Water Art Director

Sandy Arthur

Creative Director

Alex Espinoza

Technical Operations


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